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Behavioral Health Services

Rhodes to Wellness: Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health services and behavioral health therapy assist with various issues ranging from addiction and recovery services to anger management, weight loss, and much more. Additionally, behavioral health therapy benefits all kinds of challenges, including psychiatric issues. If a client needs medications to help manage a psychiatric diagnosis, they must see a psychiatrist to get a prescription. A therapist can help with behavioral health services, but they can't write prescriptions. Only medical doctors can do so.


Psychologists offer clinical, counseling, or research in behavioral health therapy. When they provide a diagnosis, they offer therapy instead of medication as part of their behavioral health services. Like a therapist, certified counselors don't prescribe medications. They generally focus on specific behavioral health areas, such as marriage issues or substance abuse, and unlike a therapist, don't usually diagnose their patients. Instead, they work in tandem with other health care professionals who provide those services. Behavioral health services treat a specific behavior's underlying cause, such as suicide prevention or drug or alcohol addiction.

At Rhodes to Wellness, we offer addiction therapy, anger management therapy, and more. Our virtual telehealth option is a flexible way to access behavioral health therapy and other behavioral health services, making it easier for you to get treatment. For example, you won't have to take time off work or school to attend telehealth sessions. You have greater access to your therapist and support system. If you need frequency to ensure that you continue to stay motivated, telehealth sessions are as flexible as you need, offering multiple sessions per week.

If you're searching for behavioral health services, get in touch with Rhodes to Wellness to schedule an assessment today.

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