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Addiction Recovery

Addiction Therapy: Addiction Recovery

If you're searching for addiction recovery through addiction therapy, you've found it. Rhodes to Wellness offers an easy way to get addiction therapy. Maybe you're wondering if addiction therapy will help. Our addiction recovery counseling services at Rhodes to Wellness includes a substance use evaluation. From there, we can determine what level of care you need to help you on your way to recovery. If you would benefit from outpatient treatment, then our telehealth sessions might be what you need to help get you back on track to a healthier life.

While we offer both in-person and virtual addiction therapy services, you can receive addiction recovery counseling from home with telehealth if you have transportation barriers or health concerns that require social isolation. You'll receive addiction therapy with a certified drug and alcohol counselor to provide personal sessions through our virtual platform or in person. Additionally, Rhodes to Wellness offers peer support group therapy as an essential component of addiction recovery.

Our telehealth sessions work similarly to traditional addiction recovery programs with cognitive behavioral therapy, group processing, and motivational interviewing.

Telehealth addiction therapy is a flexible way to access addiction recovery services, making it easier for you to get treatment. For example, you won't have to take time off work or school to attend telehealth sessions. You have greater access to your therapist and support system. If you need frequency to ensure that you continue to stay motivated, telehealth sessions are as flexible as you need, offering multiple sessions per week.

If you're ready to commit to addiction recovery, get in touch with us to schedule an assessment today.

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